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So after a week I'm still looked out of my main account Kawiku I'm slowly loosing motivation to draw or do anything... I feel like I've lost almost everything. All the years I've put into trying to make a living out of my art. All gone in a second. It's really hard now that I've lost most of my watchers. The help desk can't do anything anymore to help me :( so I'm asking for help here, since I don't know who to ask anymore.

To keep it short: I'm 100% sure to be entering the right password but dA won't let me log in. It keeps saying my password in not valid. This is happening since I logged out of my account (for the first time since I moved, just in case that would be relevant information) and when I tried to get back into my account, I simply could not anymore.

This is the help desk final reply:

I've already mentioned what the problem is. Something is still sending us the wrong login credentials. Something on your end is sending us invalid login cookies. So long as this continues you will not be able to log in to that account. This issue can affect one account and not another on the same system. Unfortunately without access to your system directly I cannot say for certain what could be causing this problem on your end. I can only offer suggestions such as problematic scripts or extensions for you to investigate. Disabling the extensions is a great start and may help but since you are locked out it may take up to 48 hours before the system releases the lock on your account. Please ensure these features are disabled and wait another 48 hours to see if it helps the problem.

I tried all the suggestions they gave me so far with no success. I'm not sure what to try anymore.

[Edit] I also tried login with different browsers, same issue. Tried password recovery too, same issue even after changing the password and making sure I'm using the right one, it will always says invalid password.

[Edit 2] Tried loging from another computer, still unable to log in. Will try waiting a few days as suggested before trying again.

Someone suggested me to try login in using a proxy. It kinda worked, but it was messing with so many other things and kept login me out as soon as I disabled it. And I'm not comfortable using it either, it just doesn't feel right (and I believe it might be illegal to use it where I live)... and is not fixing the problem to the source.

I just really want my account back...

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